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This is the site introducing you to the description of the archival fond and the collections stored at the Damiani Family Private Archive, in Palermo, Italy.

This Archive has been being created during a time span of over 150 years and its constitution is due to the initiative of several generations of the Damiani family to preserve and make accessible a wide typology of historic documents collected over the professional and artistic activities carried out by the family members.

The most important part is represented by the fond of the architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda (1834-1911); beside, the family archive which collects, in addiction to documents, letters, collections of family prints, drawings and paintings, the fond of Francesco Damiani Engineer, son of Giuseppe, and the literary works of Eleonora Mancinelli and Angela Damiani Lanza, respectively wife and daughter of Giuseppe. These archives have recently been joined by the fond of the architect Anna Maria Fundarò (1936-1999), wife of Mario Damiani, Francesco’s last-born.

The whole of the documentary collections – connected to each other by family relationships of the producers – is organized as follows:

  • “Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda” (1849-1910) Archive, Architect, Professor work completed;
  • “Damiani Family” Archive (XVIII century-1940s), work in progress;
    • Miscellaneous of family documents, XVIII century-1940s;
    • Fond of Eleonora Mancinelli, poetess, 1852-1910;
    • Fond of family letters, 1852-1928;
    • Fond of Angela Damiani-Lanza, poetess and writer, 1879-1933;
    • Collection of family drawings and paintings;
    • Collection of antique prints
  • “Anna Maria Fundarò” Archive (1947-1999), Architect, Professor, work in progress.

The different archives are included in archival projects promoted by the owner in collaboration and with support from the “Sicily Archival Superintendence – State Archive of Palermo” and from the “Ministry of Heritage and Culture – Directorate-General for Archives.

The archival descriptions were carried out by means of Archimista 3.1.0 software, now available on the open source ArchiVista 3.1.0 platform Web, performing the editing of archival databases coming from Archimista software.

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